Tina Turner and Erwin Bach

Wow very cool they waited 27 years to get married, and I assume since she left her first husband, who was abuser, than this dude must be on the up and up. BRAVO MZ Tina!!

Erwin Bach Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth

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Tina Turner celebrates wedding to Erwin Bach with star-studded party ...

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Welcome to My World

I just wanted to verify something upfront, I am the most NONE judgmental person you will ever meet.  This blog is about my love of interracial couples and in this case those that happen to be in the spotlight.  I am in the midst of my personal awakening experience so this might not be a site I update often but I do have my moments where I want to SQUEE and UMMM over a couple so this will be the place that I do that.  I guess basically in my overly human not quite out of this world moments, but hey its all good.  I can only be ME, at all times welcome to my WORLD!!