Hey I am back again; this time with a current couple; from the moment I heard these two were together  I knew something was wrong.

I wasn’t surprised last night when I saw that Kanye was GAY.  I have nothing against any sexual assignment/choice.  I do have something against all the lies and illusion we are subjected to each day in the name of ENTERTAINMENT but are sold to us as REAL LIFE.

You see, knowing YOU are subject to Entertainment is one thing but to be LIED to blatantly, constantly, over a period of time does something to a society.  Even if YOU don’t believe in right or wrong YOU have to understand that a mind set affects EVERYTHING.

This isn’t just about the KARDASHIAN DRAMA but about US as a society.

Anyway here are some links((Below)) about the Kardashians.  Just a note: from the time I heard that Kris Jenner said all she wanted to do was make sure her girls were cared for, then I knew she had basically sold THEIR souls for the ALL Mighty BUCK, it just sickened me.

Kanye West is Gay and Kim Kardashian is Pregnant via Artificial Insemination

Kanye West Reported Heartbroken After Dumped By Riccardo Tisci

Why it’s Stupid to Think Kanye and Kim Kardashian are a Real Couple

Kris Humphries Is The ‘Presumed’ Father Of Kim Kardashian’s Baby

I think the bottom line in this Make Believe Story is that everyone will get what they want for a bit of the bottom LINE(money), its not REALITY, that I am convinced about. I seriously wonder if any Celebrity who is in the news so often has a REAL life left.  😦 It’s all Smoke & Mirrors.

121611_kim_kardashian_kanye_west_kris_jenner_exclu111216174527EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West shopping in New York Citykim-kardashian-kanye-west-kissing21

Most of the time I see Kanye he looks constipated or freaking angry even with Kim at his side pretending.

Notice to KIM Kardashian from Mary’s Blog, I loved it so I had to LINK


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