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Zoe and KeithBritton look really happy on the Aspen ski trip and they also show by the body language in the hug they are still into each other.  It’s too bad that it seems they are being made to stay apart.

Remember not too long ago Zoe was engaged for almost eleven years to Keith that was going to marry her then suddenly its all over.  I found that information very disturbing.  I looked up Keith he is not such a popular actor as Bradley.  I just have to wonder if it a deal that was made to keep Zoe on the fast track, she need a handsome up and comer.   I will post a photo of her after Bradley left her house this month, September  2012, she just doesn’t look all that happy.  Yeah it could be she saw the camera guy but she just looked plain scared to me.  I will make a note on the picture as a reminder.


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