Merlin – Gwen/Arthur/Lancelot

Lucky for us all I wanted to write about interracial couples after watching the Adventures of Merlin.  I know its a story that in reality is a fable/myth/legend I adore that they chose to make Guinevere a multiracial female in this version.  In the story it doesn’t really matter since they focus on her vocation, her love for country and the future king not her race.

On the left is Gwen/Arthur on the right is someones version of them w/Lancelot.  Now Lancelot had more the temperament of Gwen, a kind soul find his way.  Arthur was a prince used to all the best of things and he started out quite arrogant until Gwen’s love helped him to become a better person. Some would say that is true but a person has to have that already inside of them to change.  Oh well it was a FUN show and the legend is interesting.


See they just look sweet together 🙂


Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

Update: August 11, 2017

Nope nothing has changed they spent her birthday in Africa.  Harry has a fondness for Africa since childhood.  I would have thought it was because of his mother’s charity work but the article mentions his father having hand in it.  The article is HereHere!


No I can’t believe I didn’t run over and post about this when I first saw it last year.  I was so excited for Meghan, I love her show and she seems so sweet.  Lady Diana seemed a bit skittish about circumstances in her interviews, a bit depressed and not quite happy. I do hope Harry will make himself known as the People’s Prince by going forward with his life in a happy way with Meghan.

The big news is here so says Harry’s Pal, They will be engaged by Summer 2017.

I know that picture looks a bit creepy, we will try to look over that!!

Check out Meghans Blog Here

Also remember this one on Twitter>> Prince Harry Warns the Press about Harassing Meghan  I had not seen the video before though with clips from her.


Looks like date night in London, had no idea how tall he was but maybe she is just petite 🙂