Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery

Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery have three children by surrogate, two girls and a boy born January 2017.

Ellen Pompeo et son mari Chris Ivery reviennent d'un déjeuner avec des amis à West Hollywood le 13 juillet 2015. Image from purepeople.com


I find it interesting in the article that Ellen says she wants to race strong black women but both her girls look biracial, technically.  It doesn’t really matter its great that she is open to having a multiEthnic family.


Chris Noth and Tara Wilson

I really am surprised about some of these couples I haven’t paid a lot of attention so I had to do a search to see what is current.  Chris Noth dated his wife for many years before they tied the knot.


chris noth and tara wilson married clip

Photo: Inquistr.com

Ohh Nice smiles, looks like they were married in 2012 and have a son named Orion.

Chris Noth Says His Interracial Marriage Was The Victim of Hate Mail

Photo: Eurweb

justjared chris noth

Cute kid I know some of these are old pictures its the idea of the families that is important.  Also I am noticing how this people are opening talking of the struggles with hate male about their relationships.  I think its a shame, and its too bad people just can’t be happy for others.  Now whether or not a relationship is legit or for convenience is not important, especially when it comes to attitudes.  So here is the link to what Chris Noth said about hate mail from 2013 a year after his marriage

John Legend and Christine

John Legend married Christine Tiegen on September 2013 after dating for six long years, that in itself is a long marriage in hollywood, Go Them!
They have one child, Luna Simone Stephens born in April 2016. Christine is a model/actress known for being outspoken on social media while John is a legend in the music industry.


Cute couple not sure the origin of the left picture but the right picture if from the media outrage website.  I don’t know a lot about these two but its Hollywood maybe its all for show if I find anything that seems untoward I will post it.  Enjoy for now!

Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs



Gotta say its a step up from Kristin, just sayin’.  Seriously though not the two people I would have saw together, but I am glad that Rob Pat is equal opportuniy.  Can’t say I saw that coming, but even though this second picture is from last year they look as though they are having some fun.  Good for them.  I know they are now engaged, I have to say its really too bad they didn’t just keep having fun, it seems the engagement things is causing some drama.  Its hard to find out if the wedding is actually going to happen, the last note I saw about said he isn’t that excited that she likes the spotlight, I guess we will see.

BE sure to catch my take on all these interracial relationships, generally speaking. Coming soon.