Merlin – Gwen/Arthur/Lancelot

Lucky for us all I wanted to write about interracial couples after watching the Adventures of Merlin.  I know its a story that in reality is a fable/myth/legend I adore that they chose to make Guinevere a multiracial female in this version.  In the story it doesn’t really matter since they focus on her vocation, her love for country and the future king not her race.

On the left is Gwen/Arthur on the right is someones version of them w/Lancelot.  Now Lancelot had more the temperament of Gwen, a kind soul find his way.  Arthur was a prince used to all the best of things and he started out quite arrogant until Gwen’s love helped him to become a better person. Some would say that is true but a person has to have that already inside of them to change.  Oh well it was a FUN show and the legend is interesting.


See they just look sweet together 🙂



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